For almost 100 years, the name Renggli has been synonymous with progress in timber construction. The company is today headed by Max Renggli, a member of the fourth generation of the Renggli family. Since 2018, the subsidiary company Renggli International AG belongs to Renggli AG.

From 1923 until today

The old Renggli AG sawmill in SchötzQ
The company’s near 100-year history shows how a traditional craftsman’s workshop developed ...

Founded by Gottfried Renggli in Schötz in 1923, the company now has more than 200 employees and has grown to become the Swiss market leader in timber system construction. Renggli AG applies its philosophy of energy-efficient and sustainable timber construction to residential buildings and entire developments and to commercial and public buildings.

Pioneer in energy efficient construction based on Minergie standards

The company’s history has been shaped by a passion for innovation and a pioneering spirit. In particular, Renggli AG has established itself as a flag-bearer for Minergie buildings, developing a reputation that extends beyond Switzerland’s borders.

Specialist in timber construction with high level of prefabrication

Renggli AG today specializes in timber construction with a high level of prefabrication, acting as a general contractor for private developers and investors and a timber construction partner for architects. Renggli constructs innovative, high-quality timber structures in modern architectural styles, creating sustainable living and working spaces that meet the needs of the 2,000-Watt Society.

Modern factory for timber constructions in Schötz
...into a modern, innovative company.

Renggli International AG & Renggli Deutschland GmbH

Since 2018, Renggli AG has been offering its services internationally under the name Renggli International AG and in Germany under the name Renggli Deutschland GmbH. To support this expansion, it acquired SMC Management Contractors SA in Winterthur and BMC Baumanagement & Consult GmbH in Berlin. Both companies will continue to operate as independent subsidiaries.

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