Renggli AG

Renggli International AG is a subsidiary of Renggli AG. Clients of Renggli International AG thus benefit from the comprehensive expertise of the parent company and its many years of experience as a general contractor and timber construction specialist.

Renggli AG is expanding its area of business and has acquired SMC Management Contractors SA in Winterthur. Going forward the company will be managed by Martin Joos under the name Renggli International AG. 

SMC SA is an established player in the Swiss construction industry and is involved in the development, management and controlling of national and international real estate projects. The company has subsidiaries in Germany and Italy. Renggli International AG will retain SMC SA’s portfolio of expertise and also offer additional services: 

  • Consultancy on site and project development
  • Consultancy on works planning and market development
  • Consultancy and representation for developers
  • Engineering and project management for interdisciplinary projects
  • General and total contractor mandates for complex international construction projects

Close cooperation between Renggli AG and Renggli International AG

Where useful and necessary, orders for clients of Renggli International AG are executed in cooperation with Renggli AG. Clients thus benefit from the comprehensive specialist expertise and longstanding experience of both companies.

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