Vision & values

As a company, Renggli has long been associated with one thing – wood. In any family company, however, it’s not just about objective things but about soul. It’s about values that you can’t simply buy in, but can only live and pass on.

Graph of Renggli construction values: professional, passionate, family-run, responsible and straigthforward.
Renggli construction culture – values developed over time


«Timberworker, stick to your lathe» has never been our motto. That is why we extend our philosophy, which was born in production and assembly, to the entire construction process chain, with our own timber construction engineers, architects, energy specialists, construction economists, planners, etc. – our clients determine which services they want from us. For us, the only thing that counts is the quality of the end result, which is reviewed and certified by external bodies on a regular basis.


At Renggli, Swiss craftsmanship means the art of construction coupled with cutting-edge technology. Our company’s history is shaped by acclaimed pioneering achievements in timber construction systems. We are trailblazers and proud of it. Run-of-the-mill is not good enough for us. That’s why we want to drive the industry forward and keep our finger on the pulse of technology through numerous research projects.


As a family business now in the hands of the fourth generation, Renggli AG consciously operates a sustainable, respectful mindset, focusing on future generations. This is not wholly altruistic, of course, as it is only through long-term stability of our earning power that we can secure enduring growth, jobs and independence for our company. The sincerity of this family spirit is evident to employees and clients alike.


We build over land and consume resources, and our environmental footprint will be visible for generations to come. That is why we live by the same philosophy that we sell: our mission has always been and will always be to combine energy-efficient, socially responsible, sustainable construction with modern convenience, high-end architecture and functionality. You can rely on that!


A clear line is not merely the trademark of our architecture, but the basis for our dealings with clients, partners and each other. For us, this includes communicating openly and addressing issues with a critical eye, because good and constructive discussions create space for visions and successful projects

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