Architecture tour and panel discussion in the Prinz-Eugen-Park


Architecture tour and panel discussion in the Prinz-Eugen-Park

Sophie Xiying Liu

Business Development Manager | 17.04.2019

The Timber Construction Network Munich (Holzbau Netzwerk München) is holding an architecture tour and panel discussion in the Prinz-Eugen-Park. In this area a new model is created for the ecological residential development.

Date24 May 2019
Time14:30 - 19:30
Grundschule in der Ruth-Drexel-Strasse
81925 München
ThemeA new ecological model is created
ProgramArchitecture tour
Panel discussion
OrganizerTimber Construction Network Munich (Holzbau Netzwerk München)

On 24 May 2019, the Holzbau Netzwerk München will hold an event on the theme of «A new ecological model is created» on the site of Prinz-Eugen-Park. The program includes an architecture tour and panel discussions about the future of the modern timber construction and its role in the sustainable urban development. A wide range of perspectives will be discussed among the speakers and participants from the City of Munich, architectural and urban planning firms, construction industry, academia, and the most importantly, the residents. The program will be held in German. 

It is a great honor to see this important event being carried out on the site of our project. We look forward to meeting with you in Munich and exploring the future of sustainable urban development with you!

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History of the Prinz-Eugen-Park

From military school to a showcase project

Located in the eastern Munich, the former Prinz-Eugen-Kaserne area used to be a military school, but now it has been turned into an ecological residential area by the City of Munich, as part of a large scale urban development planning of the City. 1,800 apartments will be built on this site by 2021, offering sustainable and affordable living spaces for approximately 4,000 residents.

Apartments and atrium houses in timber system construction during the on-site assembly phase
On behalf of Der kleine Prinz GbR, Renggli International AG realizes 15 apartments and 24 atrium buildings in the Prinz-Eugen-Park in timber construction.

Energy and climate policies for urban development

The development of this area serves several goals of the City of Munich. Firstly, to strengthen the sustainable energy and climate policy during the process of urban development, about 1/3 of the Prinz-Eugen-Park is planned as the model of ecological residential area. It promotes buildings with high energy efficiency performance, as well as the use of sustainable building materials. On behalf of the construction community, Der kleine Prinz GbR, Renggli International AG is responsible for realizing 15 apartments and 24 atrium buildings in timber construction. All these buildings meet the standard of “KfW Efficient House 55” – the highest level in the KfW’s (Germany’s Reconstruction Loan Coporation, KfW) financial supporting program for energy-efficient buildings.

Promoting social integration

Aerial view of the 15 apartments and 24 atrium houses in the construction phase
Aerial view of the site during the construction phase

Furthermore, different types of buildings are designed and developed in this area to meet a wide variety of housing needs, both for rent and for sell, as well as to encourage the communication and integration among the residents from different age, population and income groups.

Promoting affordable housing 

Last but not the least, the City of Munich sets out a plan of providing 50% affordable housing construction in the City’s housing development area to address the ever increasing housing shortage, the same target also applies to the Prinz-Eugen-Park. With the speed much faster than the conventional construction approaches, the modern timber construction has demonstrated its strong capability in supporting an efficient growth of the housing market with not only the top quality, but also the competitive price.

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