Renggli Talks 2020 – Digitalisation & Art


Renggli Talks 2020 – Digitalisation & Art

Sophie Xiying Liu

Business Development Manager | 20.02.2020

Renggli Talks: A new platform for an open-minded eco-community.

Today the building and construction sector faces a long list of challenges: social, technological, environmental, etc. To address these issues we cannot reply on any single player or the conventional solutions. That’s why we decided to build up a new platform – Renggli Talks, where we can share diverse perspectives and exchange inspiring ideas. Our goal is to build an open-minded, well-connected, and growing eco-community.

Serial events that travel to different European cities

Holding the goal of building an open-minded, well-connected, and growing eco-community, we invite experts with diverse professional and cultural background to share their unique stories, exchange different ideas, and generate collaborative opportunities - if possible.

The event will be held every two to three months, each time with a designed theme, on Digitalization & Art, Architecture & Technology, and Diversity & Innovation, etc. It will travel to different European cities, starting from Zurich. By doing so we can enlarge our chances to meet and connect with participants and organizations in the different locations – another diversity we’d like to add.

Three speakers will be invited to each event to talk about the same topic but from different perspectives, then there’ll be a short panel discussion session for further elaboration and a Q&A session. Last but not least, all the participants can continue open discussions while enjoying the Apéro.

Opening of Renggli Talks in the Museum of Digital Art in Zurich

The opening event of Renggli Talks selects the theme “Digitalization & Art”. It will be held on 10th March 2020 in the Museum of Digital Art (MuDA) in Zurich. MuDA is one of the first museums in Europe that is dedicated to digital arts. It explores, through the beauty of code, the connections between algorithms, data and society. To hold the very first Renggli Talks on the theme of “Digitalization & Art”, we cannot think of any place that is more creative and more inspiring than MuDA.

Three speakers will talk about the impacts of digitalization on art and design, on our society, and on industries.

Event program

Please note, that this event is held in German only.

17:50 – 18:00: Arrival

18:00 – 18:05: Welcome Addresses, Martin Joos, Geschäftsführer, Renggli International AG

18:05 – 18:20: Digitalisation & Art, Ivo Lenherr, Owner, Management MIC.MIND.SET, fsp Architekten AG

Ivo Lenherr

18:20 – 18:35: Digitalisation & Industry, Jeremias Burch, BIM Manager Timber Construction, Renggli AG

Jeremias Burch

18:35 – 18:50: Digitalisation & Society, Roger Huggler, Head of Region Central Customer Field Service, cablex AG

Roger Huggler

18:50 – 19:05: Panel Discussion

19:05 – 20:00: Networking & Apéro


Museum der Digitalen Kunst
Pfingstweidstr. 101
8005 Zürich

  • Tram stop: Toni-Areal
  • No car parking available.
  • Museum is barrier-free and fully accessible to wheelchair users.


The registration has been closed (09.03.2020).

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