Circular Economy House (CRCLR) Berlin

The Circular Economy House (CRCLR House) is being built on the site of a historical warehouse from the former Kindl Brewery in Berlin Neukölln.

CRCLR House is a pilot project where considerable thoughts and efforts are put into resource conservation (continue to use and reuse the resources) and circular economy (creat a mini-eco system with continuous and interconnected material cycles). Guided by these ideas, the formal warehouse was refurbished, upgraded and vertically supplemented by 2.5 storeys of timber construction, containing spaces for co-working, affordable living and events.

By contributing its expertise in prefabricated multi-storey timber construction, Renggli supports the clients to examine the current plan, explort the potential for optimization. In the future stages, Renggli will help design a complete realisation plan of this timber building, including the modular components that facilitate future change and reuse of the building.

In addition to the purpose of building a «zero-waste innovation lab» realised in the sustainable building material - timber, this project also aims to provide a space for the community communication in the mixed urban envrionment.

Project ownerTRNSFRM eG
ArchitectureHütten & Paläste
Structural EngineeringZRS Ingenieure
Year2019 - 2020
ConstructionTimber construction
Service Renggli International AGConsultancy

Visualization and modell : © Hütten & Paläste