Lecture hall and event building Oestrich-Winkel

Reorganization of the campus including renovation and conversion of the existing buildings and the construction of new buildings in five construction phases.

EBS University is located on the right bank of the Rhine in a vineyard rising from the water at the eastern edge of Oestrich-Winkel (approximately 25 km from Wiesbaden). The difference in altitude on the site between north and south is about 10 m. The property has a border on the waterside of the Federal Street and the slope side of the Rheingau Street. EBS University is spread over several individual buildings in the area that is like a park. The main building - Reichartshausen Castle - is a three-winged complex with a varied history.

Founded in the Middle Ages as a spin-off of the Eberbach Monastery, the estate was largely destroyed in the Thirty Years' War and became a centre of German wine culture in the 19th century. In 1889 a barrel storage room with a terrace above was built into the inner courtyard of the castle. In 1977 it was demolished and people carried out a facade renovation and harmonization with surrounding sandstone walls and a cement-containing plaster slurry on the facade fund.

The plan includes a complete reorganization of the campus, including the renovation and conversion of existing buildings and the construction of new buildings, which will be implemented in five construction phases.

The first construction phase includes the new construction of the Forum and the reworking and plinth sealing of the castle facades including the adjoining service building. The Forum is planned as a free-standing new lecture hall and event building in the castle courtyard and will be built up to approx. 4 m deep into the ground. A WU-concrete construction is required as a foundation. Renggli will erect the load-bearing above-ground walls mainly in solid wood construction. The roof will be designed as a wood-concrete-composite construction and is accessible via two staircases and a footbridge from the first floor of the castle. The Forum will have a metal sheet facade. A pergola will be erected across the entire width of the courtyard to the open east side of the inner courtyard as a building closure.

Project ownerEBS Universität, in representation of the SRH Holding
ArchitectureWorking group planning EBS-Universität, consisting of:
Schümann Sunder-Plassmann and Partner mbB and Krekeler Architekten Generalplaner GmbH
ConstructionEngineered timber construction
Solid wood construction
Service Renggli Deutschland GmbHTimber construction planning
Timber construction