Modular school building Pieterlen

These modules have a simple design concept and serve as a school building extension.

This modular building is characterized by its uniform and carefully chosen materials, good cost-benefit ratio, as well as a lift core in timber. During the prefabrication process in the Renggli factory, the building technology, windows, doors, and painting were all completed. Thus, the on-site assembly of the building with 24 modules took only three days by using screw foundations. The client can benefit from the fast construction, easy dismantling, and potential extension of more stories on top of this building.

Project ownerMunicipality Pieterlen
ArchitectureVerve Architekten GmbH
EngineeringJosef Kolb AG
ConstructionModular timber construction
FacadeCorrugated sheets of Eternit, dark brown
UseTemporary and reusable school building for 4 classes, 88m2 each room, incl. group rooms
Services Renggli AGModular construction
Roman Tschachtli, Architect FH SWB, VERVE Architekten GmbH SIA
The construction time has been reduced significantly by the simultaneous processes of preparation work on-site and the prefabrication of modules in the factory. Roman Tschachtli, Architect FH SWB, VERVE Architekten GmbH SIA

Same construction, different architecture

In Biel, we have previously realised a school building in modular construction with Verve Architekten. It is based on identically constructed modules. However, these are arranged differently and thus represent a different type of building. The architecture is therefore completely different as well.