On Mountain Hut Engadin

For a marketing campaign of the sports company, On AG, we developed a self-sufficient, mobile mountain hut in laminated veneer lumber in Swiss Alps.

On AG is one of the fastest growing sports companies in the world. From summer 2019, it will start another exciting adventure: entering the hiking shoe market. As a starting point of this journey, a self-sufficient mobile mountain hut was designed and built on an altitude of 2645 meters in the Swiss Alps, right above the Lake Lunghin, Engadin St. Moritz. The hut was prefabricated and assembled by Renggli, with our specialty and passion for wood and mountain.

The mountain hut was erected by helicopters, as the location is only accessible by foot. To successfully accomplish the on-site mission in a challenging natural condition, the building was preassembled in the Renggli factory. The efforts turned out to be a valuable investment: The on-site assembly on top of the mountain was completed within only three hours.

Great efforts and considerations have been put into this project, to minimize the resource demand and the impacts on the surrounding environment. Water supply is from the Lake Lunghin, which is only five minutes’ walk away, treated by a filter system for drinking, cooking and shower. Electricity is generated by a solar system integrated with a battery system. A wooden stove with a hob is used for heating and cooking.

The slope inclination resulted in a conical shape of the construction, and the gradient were compensated by large stair treads. The front part of the hut has two storeys that can be a sleeping berth for two people up-stairs. This hut was built completely in veneer laminated wood that remains visible inside. The façade reflects the beautiful surrounding nature and integrates the hut into the mountain panorama harmoniously. The large front window with the view of Lake Lunghin and Lake Silser invites you to linger on.

The project is characterised by its «design to cost» approach. Together with the client, we succeeded in combining both functional and aesthetic aspects, and the collaboration delivered a house absolutely worth seeing. The hut was designed to be dismantled easily – the «Plug & Play» method made it possible for a carpenter to work as an electrician, plumber and stove fitter at the same time. The mobile mountain hut will stay by the Lake Lunghin until the end of 2019. We look forward to finding out its next journey in 2020!

Project ownerOn AG
ArchitectureBrunner & Mettler GmbH
EngineeringRenggli International AG
Year of construction2019
ConstructionLaminated veneer lumber
Service Renggli International AGGeneral contractor

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Why «on» developed a self-sufficient, mobile mountain hut made of laminated veneer lumber in the Engadine.

Photos: On, Anne Lutz & Thomas Stöckli