Residential area Waldacker St. Gallen

In St. Gallen, we are building two multi-storey buildings for 110 apartments and one community space in timber by 2022.

A bidding consortium has won the tender for the competition. The concept consists of two long, bent rows of buildings that nestle longitudinally against the natural terrain. Together they form an interior space that serves as a meeting and communication space for the residents. The buildings will be constructed in timber, including the lift shafts. 110 apartments and one community space are planned, which will be occupied in automn 2021 and beginning of 2022.

Giver of building rightsOrtsb├╝rgergemeinde St. Gallen
InvestorPrevis Vorsorge
ArchitectOxid Architektur GmbH

(former Burkhalter Sumi Architekten GmbH)

EngineeringRenggli AG
Year2020 - 2022
ConstructionTimber construction
Services Renggli AGGeneral contractor

Timber construction
Services Renggli International AGGeneral planning

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