Our Renggli factory is one of the largest and most modern production facilities for timber system buildings in Europe.

Panorama view of Renggli factory at dawn

With the construction of the new plant in 2012, we doubled our production capacity. Covered by 100,000 shingles, our factory is one of the largest and most modern production facilities for timber system buildings in Europe, covering an area as large as a football field. We are also pleased that this large building meets the Minergie standard.

Machinery Park

Nowadays, craftsmanship has strong allies. The new machine center allows us to have the double-sided processing of large panels and a fully automatic loading system. The new small component center facilitates the cutting of facade boards, slatted frames and others small parts. The NC-axis table is helpful for producing roof and ceiling elements. Joinery, a plate processing center, mobile assembly tables, shelf distribution system, and overhead cranes – all the advanced technologies in this factory have almost distracted people’s attention away from the wood.


The three production halls of the Renggli factory are logically and optimally coordinated. For example, all cutting and preparation work is concentrated in the hall section II; while in the new hall, the prepared or purchased components are assembled under the optimal conditions. This production process reminds people of the manufacturing processes in the automotive industry: efficient individual steps, simple scaling-up of capacity, shorter production time and lower costs.

Data and facts

Energy standardMinergie
Total land area47,061 m2
Total volume98,173 m3
Dimensions120 m × 90 m
Ridge height16 m
Production area8,248 m2

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