Production process

We use BIM at our cutting-edge Renggli factory, and efficiently produce elements of timber system construction and individual modules.

Four pictures showing production processes: top left shows an engineer using BIM at his computer screen; top right is a close-up of a CNC milling machine while being used in timber construction; bottom left is the butterfly machine for wall element production; bottom right is the station for element transportation
Modern timber construction involves millimeter precision

Each construction project is produced efficiently and to exacting quality standards in our production facility. We manufacture elements for structures made entirely of timber, hybrid structures and modular structures using state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled workers. 

Our production facility is one of the leading plants in Europe, designed specifically to meet the needs of large-scale timber construction projects. We use BIM (building information modeling) to deliver efficiency in individual projects, with unrivalled precision.

Precise work planning boosts cost-effectiveness

We understand that compliance with deadlines and quality assurance are your top priorities. That is why we plan down to the smallest details. Your project can be cost-optimized by considering production, transportation and logistics as well as on-site assembly early in the planning phase.

Precision element production saves you time and costs

Unlike most other timber construction specialists, we are able to physically separate the cutting of panels from element production. The well-structured production processes and high level of prefabrication guarantee absolute accuracy of dimensions and reduce construction time and costs for you.

Panel processing center with fully automated loading system
Everything is fully automated, going directly from the drawing board to the machine

The elements or modules produced at the various stations – already fitted with windows, frames and facade systems – are wrapped in weatherproof packaging and loaded onto transport platforms.

Dedicated professionals turn the state-of-the-art technology into perfection

A technical project manager takes a full responsibility of the implementation of your construction project. They supervise the prefabrication of construction elements in the factory, coordinate the erection work with the experienced assembly team and carry out the final checks on site together with you.

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