Modular construction

Modular structures are entirely prefabricated in the factory and are ideally suited to adding density or for temporary purposes.

Assembly of modules for the Champagne school building in Biel/Bienne
36 such modules are joined together…
Modular, temporary school building in Biel create this temporary three-floor school building. And all this was done during the summer holidays, meaning that the pupils were able to move in at the beginning of term.

Modular construction enables the same components to be used throughout a project or even on different construction projects. Such modules optimize the organization of space, helping to make the best possible use of the available area. As such, they are best suited for additions in built-up areas or for structures with particular applications.

Modular structures for public use

Prefabricated room modules are ideal for hospitals, retirement and care homes, residential homes, hotels, schools or temporary solutions – whether new builds or expansions of existing properties. In fact, they work well wherever intelligent planning allows structures to be broken down into room modules of identical dimensions. Modular structures are also easy to sequence together and add on to existing developments.

The real beauty of modular structures: you’re good to go!

Modular structures spend only a few weeks in production and are then ready to move into just a few days later – made possible by the high level of prefabrication. Another decisive advantage of modular construction is its precision, as everything is prefabricated under optimum conditions in the Renggli factory.

What clients say

Roman Tschachtli, Architect FH SWB, VERVE Architekten GmbH SIA
The build time was extremely short, as the preparatory work on site and the module production in the factory could take place simultaneously. Roman Tschachtli, Architect FH SWB, VERVE Architekten GmbH SIA