Timber structural elements

In timber system construction, a building is planned in detail before all building elements are prefabricated in the protected environment in our factory, and then assembled on site within a short time.

There are no better working conditions for the construction of a building than in a factory with a well-controlled environment. Timber system constructions that use BIM (building information modelling) bring efficiency and top-level precision to every project. Walls, floors, ceilings and junctions – every element is prefabricated in the dry environment, with a well-thought-out timber building system and certificated processes. This principle also works excellently in hybrid buildings and modular buildings.

A worker installs the electrical wiring in the construction elements in the workshop.
The electrical wiring is integrated into the construction elements before they leave the workshop.
A worker is placing insulation material into the timber building elements in the Renggli factory
The fire-resistant materials are filled in the timber building elements in the factory.
An exterior wall element with three built-in windows and facades hangs on a crane.
Wall elements up to 12 meters long can be prefabricated to millimeter precision in the Renggli factory and assembled at construction site minute by minute. Here is an example of our office building in Sursee during the construction phase …
Office building of Renggli AG in Sursee
… and in operation after the project was completed.

Advantages of timber system constructions

The building is subdivided into individual elements that can be efficiently prefabricated in the factory and then assembled on the construction site. Windows, electrical wiring, ventilation pipes, plumbing pipes, etc. are already integrated into the building elements in the factory, which results in minimal on-site work. 

The ideal working conditions in the factory improve the precision and shorten the construction time. The work at the construction site becomes more a question of hours than weeks.

Other advantages of buildings in timber

  • Wood is a building material that can create a positive emotional experience. It is sensual, warm, and comes directly from nature.
  • No other building material is as sustainable as wood: it is CO2 neutral, renewable and can be 100% recycled.
  • Timber buildings have outstanding qualities thanks to the prefabrication in the factory. The prefabrication also allows us to have a shorter construction time compared to conventional construction – making the building available for use faster. 

By partnering with us, you are on the safe side when it comes to planning, realization and costs.