Building Information Modeling (BIM)

A clear strategy, perseverance and the right partners are the three decisive factors for the successful development, application and implementation of BIM in your company.

Graphic: live collaboration BIM at Renggli International
Live collaboration

Model-based factory planning and machine control have been established in timber construction for many years. With BIM, the model-based planning can be used from the beginning of the construction projects and across all disciplines. With the holistic and consistent application in the projects, BIM can create higher value in various aspects, including cost, quality and time. Therefore, every partner in the projects, from the builder, to the planner, the timber construction engineer and the contractor, can benefit. Everyone is expected to address the issues actively – only together can it work.

Support in development and application

Let’s develop together. No matter it’s in development or application - we operate open innovation in order to maximize the effective benefits for all parties by the optimal use of resources. Become part of our live collaboration!

Step by step to BIM - Renggli as a strong development partner

It doesn't always have to be projects worth millions. The BIM projects published in the media and social platforms have shown the diverse and impressive possibilities with BIM. Individual specialists often stand behind these projects to support. However, it is also important to take the "user perspective" into consideration: We need to develop the user-oriented BIM projects, which can correspond to the level of knowledge of those who are involved in the projects, not only specialists but also beginner users. 

Do you have a BIM project or see some concrete potentials in the correct application of digital tools? Then get on board with Renggli to start a clearly managed development process!

Extensive BIM projects: We can offer you the following solutions

Coordination and organization of the digital planning:

  • Defining the BIM objectives
  • Developing the suitable project structures
  • Defining the project scope
  • Forming the BIM usage plans, the model and coordination plans

Development of model-based data for the following fields:

  • Statics / construction systems
  • Detailed solutions
  • Fire protection
  • Building physics

From the planning of the production:

  • Plant Planning Models in LOD 400
  • Control of all cutting lines using 3D data
  • Integration of installations directly into the elements

Contact us, together we will develop the ideal conditions for the digital cooperation!