Consultancy & Planning

On behalf of architectural offices, planning offices and clients, we examine the technical feasibility of timber and hybrid construction projects, develop solutions and undertake project planning.

Overview of different kinds of timber and hybrid construction projects that we have realized, such as restaurants and multi-storey residential buildings.
Restaurant OX in Engelberg, multi-storey residential buildings in Nebikon (swisswoodhouse), St. Gallen (Waldacker) and Nateres (Aletsch Campus)

An efficient and smooth process is important for every project. We help you ensure this by providing detail-oriented advice, plans and studies. Supported by a team of experienced specialists in timber engineering and timber construction, we guarantee that your projects will be in good hands right from the start.

Your benefit

When we join the project as a timber construction specialist early in the planning stage, we can already use our expertise and knowledge about materials, products and production possibilities when creating the draft. It can effectively help you avoid any extra time and costs that can be caused by rescheduling, and keep your projects moving forward on budget and on time.

What our clients say

Arnaud Clément, Project Manager RealSport Equipments SA
The finished project turned out to be exactly how RealSport had imagined, in every single respect. That’s very satisfying. Arnaud Clément, Project Manager RealSport Equipments SA

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