Whether it’s timber construction statics, fire protection or energy and building technology, our engineers help you ensure the safety of your project by conducting feasibility studies.

Timber construction statics 

Two people discuss the ground plan on the table in front of them
  • Development of individual structural concepts and detailed solutions
  • Drafting usage agreements
  • Pre-dimensioning, execution plan and detailed statics
  • Seismic analysis
  • Management of timber construction tenders according to the local and international building standards and codes

Fire protection

Two screens (left: ground plan, right: fire protection regulations) with keyboard
  • Development of fire protection concepts
  • Arrangements and preliminary investigations with authorities
  • Preparation of individual fire protection plans and fire resistance certificates
  • Using approved materials
  • Quality assurance in line with the regulations
  • Specialist fire protection for site management at timber construction projects

Building physics

Two people discuss a table of figures
  • Building physics analysis in relation to thermal and moisture protection
  • Analysis of soundproofing and acoustics
  • Development of individual detailed solutions and structures