Project management

As project manager, we act as the client’s agent and strive to maximize their interests. While closely working with architectural offices, we coordinate and manage the projects from conception to implementation, realisation and hand-over.

Four timber construction projects Renggli Inernational AG has worked on.
Overview of different kind of timber construction projects Renggli has worked on.

A reliable, knowledgeable and skillful realisation partner who can represent clients for their construction projects is the core of creating added value for clients. As required by clients, we carry out tasks such as project management, construction and site management involving scheduling and cost-related tasks. 

Using a value engineering process which includes strategic, technical, economic and design aspects, we optimise both the economic and environmental performance of projects over their entire lifetime. 

We have the full decision-making power and the authority of client for the projects, and take over control of the interface, scheduling and quality risks. Of course, the cost risks remain with the client, but we guarantee total cost transparency and in turn ensure that clients benefit from the skillful awarding of contracts. 

In order to manage change, we constantly gather data and assess the impact of any changes in terms of quality, costs and timing.

Your benefits

An early involvement of Renggli as project manager at your project can avoid problems with information flow between the various parties and within the different planning and implementation phases. Our extensive experience, international know-how and global network can help us optimise the planning and construction processes to your benefit.